So, you're interested in opening a chapter of amBi in your area? Great! We welcome applications from anyone who is enthusiastic and willing to do the leg work to get their group off the ground. If you haven't yet, please read our Overview Tutorial on how to open a chapter before you submit this form. That way, you'll be well informed about what this undertaking will entail.

Name *
Out of what city do you intend to base this new chapter? If you haven't yet, please make sure that there isn't already an amBi chapter in that area.
In your own words, please explain in detail how you think your local community can benefit from an amBi chapter. Please use examples to illustrate your point.
You will need to recruit other people to be Event Organizers for your chapter. These people should be enthusiastic hosts of activities and events for your group. It doesn't take a lot to get started. As you attract new members, you'll meet more potential organizers. From among your personal friends and acquaintances, how many Event Organizers do you think you'll be able to recruit within the first month?
From among your personal circle of friends and acquaintances, how many people do you think you'll be able to talk into joining your chapter as members. Members have no real responsibilities other than occasionally attending events. Your group will grow well beyond your personal circle, but it helps to have as many members join from among your friends as possible to get things started.
About how many hours per week do you expect to be able to devote to opening and growing your amBi chapter?
Just like running any other social club, opening and running an amBi chapter sometimes costs money. It doesn't necesarily take a lot, but the more you have available to spend on growing your group, the better. Depending on your needs, amBi may be able to help your chapter get on its feet financially. So, don't be afraid to tell the truth if your funds are very limited. We simply want to know what you are personally able to bring to the table. This is not a contractual obligation to spend any money.
In your own words, please explain in detail what skills, opporunities, and connections you have in your local community that will make you an effective leader for this new amBi chapter.
In your own words, please tell us some details about your education. Where did you go to school? What did you study? (Formal education is only part of this; please tell us about other informal learneing experiences you've had, such as private instruction you've received and accomplishments you've made in personal development).
In just a few words, please explain what you do for a living. If you are self employed, please explain the nature of your work. If you are not working for a living, please explain how you use your time productively (for example raising children, volunteering in your community, etc.) Please be specific.
In your own words, please tell us any other information about you and your concept for this proposed chapter that you think might be useful for us to know.