Application for Basic Funding

*Representatives of amBi chapters can use this form to request small grants for specific projects and purposes, such as printing flyers, hosting presentations, discussion groups, and other small public outreach projects.

NOTE: This form is for small grants ($100 or less). For major events, projects, and goals with larger budgets, please use this Qualified Funding Form.

For which amBi chapter are you requesting this assistance?
What is your position in this chapter? *
What is your name? *
What is your name?
For what purpose will these funds be used? *
What is the date of your event / deadline for your project? *
What is the date of your event / deadline for your project?
For example, are there deadlines for paperwork submissions, venues reservations, etc.? Please list them all.
How do you plan to spend your budget? List every budgetary item and the amount, so that it totals to your estimated total budget.
We ask that you cover as much as possible by doing your own fundraising. Younger chapters are given more leeway. Older chapters with more members are asked to fundraise and cover more of the costs of their own events. This way, we can help groups grow.
Please explain in detail the nature of your project / event. What specifically do you need from us in the way of material and financial assistance? Include any other information you think we should know.