Passionate About Life Again

John Ibarra

I became a member of amBi when the Ashland (Southern Oregon) chapter first opened. The experience of being one of the founding members of this chapter has lit a fire in my life, inspiring me to become a serious advocate for the bisexual cause.

Until recently, I had been a closet bisexual my whole life. At 33 years young, it became evident that the life I had been leading wasn't helping me grow as an individual in the ways that I needed. amBi paved the way for me to an open, honest environment where I can be myself without the threat of being degraded or shunned for my love of both sexes.

It wasn't long before I became an Organizer. Hosting events for amBi is something that fit me to a T. amBi opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I have become passionate about life again. Everything that was once grey is now vibrant. Thanks to my involvement in this group, I am finally living a life of honesty, positivity, and good times - to the fullest.

My life has been enriched beyond measure through this group and those courageous members who have welcomed me with open arms. Every amBi meeting is a joy, whether I'm hosting the meet-up or just attending as a member. It's always a blast spending time with my fellow amBi-ites, many of whom have quickly become some of my best friends.

For the first time in my life, I am happy to say that.........

I amBi !

Ashland Chapter