amBi is My Home

After I graduated from High School, I slowly lost control of my life and felt a vast emptiness. I felt that all the friends I had were only of pure convenience and that nothing truly meant anything. I tried staying close, but no matter what group I joined, I never felt like I fit in. I always felt like they couldn't understand my ideas and openness for life. It was difficult living such a lonely and isolated life.

It wasn't until a friend introduced me and opened my world to this incredible Meeting of Bi Individuals that I finally felt entirely accepted no matter what I believed or how I felt. What meant the most to me was that the door is always open to all. No, you do not have to be bisexual to be in this love-inducing group. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to accept the rest of the group as you've been craving to be accepted.

I never found a home of people so willing to meet and accept me like amBi, and I am more than honored to spread that love we all so desperately need through this group. amBi has helped me face many hardships that I wouldn't have been able to face alone. It's connected me to so many people and places I never knew I needed.

My favorite amBi event has always been the movie nights. The moment you walk through the door, you know there are countless people ready to meet you. There's no uncomfortable fear that they'll think you're weird or find something about which to judge you. It's a group of people happily joined together for a fun night of popcorn and a movie. Once you walk in, you're fully embraced and welcomed.

Finding a place to sit is a breeze, since so many new faces are already so genuinely thrilled to have met you and want their new friends close. After the movie, everyone is bubbling with excitement over the cinematic rollercoaster we endured together.

In amBi, even the smallest things are embraced, just like a family would. It doesn't take much to unite us all and create the solid bond that is slowly reaching more and more people where I live here in Southern Oregon. I'm sure amBi can do the same for ANY community.

Ashland Chapter