This Is How I Learned To Love Myself

I have never felt very at home with the people I called family, or even some of the ones I called friends. I'm sure a lot of us can identify with that feeling: the feeling of not belonging.

The most important amBi event I attended was actually a recent movie night. I brought my girlfriend. Now, I can never bring her home to my biological family, even though I am out and proud (both poly and bi), but amBi is the family I choose. The wonderful people who have accepted me and allowed me the insight to love myself.

I remember being very nervous about my girlfriend meeting my amBi friends. She's wonderful, she's sunshine and smiles, and they embraced her and accepted her with the same love they did me.

AmBi is a huge part of my life, a massive positive impact. amBi has made me feel like I belong. Not only that but I also I feel loved and supported. To anyone who feels out of place, amBi is the place for you.

We are lovers, dreamers, activists, and so much more. We are a family. We are a home for those who feel lost. I have never felt more at home than when I'm with these people.

We're human, different and alike, extraordinary and completely ordinary.

Ashland Chapter