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March in the 4th of July Parade with Love Revolution!

  • Triangle Park Corner of Morton & Siskiyou Ashland, OR (map)

Ashland Chapter members RSVP here.

We'd like to invite amBi to march with our Love Revolution contingent in the 4th of July parade!

We're really quite thrilled to have you join us - we truly love your participation to show the community that love and sexuality are healthy and that real people like you support our movement.

We also invite you to bring a friend or more including your kids and parents too - yes, the float will be completely family-friendly.

The lineup for the parade is at 9am and starts at 10. We can hold your place but need to know about what time you can show up. We'll be serving coffee, juice & pastry for those who can come in time to partake.

Wear anything you feel great and parade-y in. Our float will be the setting for John Lennon & Yoko Ono's Bed and we'll play music to match so 60's retro is an option. Here's an image of it from back in 1967:

It's getting down to the wire & I realized we can't pull this off by ourselves. Besides marching with us, if you can lend a hand for the following things we'd be extremely grateful.

  1. Makeup and wig assistance
  2. Help with trailer setup and connection
  3. Help marchers find group (hold love rev sign on Sisikyou and Beach St)
  4. We still need a quad driver that's pulling the float
  5. Someone to help with refreshments (we'll have there already)
  6. Trailer takedown and final put-away
  7. Gopher

Please invite your friends! Find us on Beach St. at 9am, and we start walking at 10am.

Super excited to show this town some crazy love!!!!

-Brenda & Mitchell