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Elk Mountain Highland Games and May Day Festival

  • 8205 E Evans Creek Rd, Rogue River 8205 East Evans Creek Road Rogue River, OR, 97537 United States (map)

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There are not many festivals where you can go and watch a cob earth building demo alongside a female roller derby scrimmage. Walk twenty yards and see medieval combat skills in action, an edged weapons competition, and horseback gymnastics known as vaulting. Wander through the artisan Vendor Village and around the colorful twenty-foot May Pole, an ancient spring tradition from cultures around the world, to the front field where strong men and women are competing in Scottish Heavy Athletics, throwing stones and hurling stripped trees. A bluegrass band takes the stage and aerial silk performers are on deck, welcome to the Elk Mountain Highland Games & May Day Festival, an eclectic event that pulls the past into the present. Did we mention the kids can learn how to flint knap and make rope out of cordage?