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5th Bi Movie Night

  • Private Residence (RSVP for address) (map)

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Screening eclectic films with bisexual themes and/or characters. There will be a "popcorn bar" (with various toppings), and we will serve a unique cocktail inspired by the film (if you want to drink something else, bring it with you). This month's movie is a fun romantic britcom.

Bedrooms & Hallways is a gender bending british comedy, which tackles the issue of sexual fluidity with zest and a great sense of fun. The film is about a young man who enters therapy after many failed relationships. In a group session, he comes clean about his feelings for another group member, but the situation is complicated by a re-union with his high school sweetheart. From there, the situation transcends toward increasing degrees of sexual ambiguity. Unlike conventional romantic comedies, this film derives its tension from the unexpected rather than the inevitable, and it gives the audience a lot more stimulation along the way. ;)

*This Month's Cocktail: "The S&M-o-gram!" * (Stoli & Melon, served cold)

This FREE event is for amBi members and their guests only. RSVP in order to receive Sara's address by email.