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Celebrate Bisexuality Day Picnic Brunch

  • Emmarentia Dam Olifants Street Emmarentia, Johannesburg South Africa (map)

Johannesburg Chapter members RSVP here.

Let's have a picnic at Emmarentia for Celebrate Bisexuality Day on 23 September 2018. Bring some brunch-y things and a few good reasons to celebrate.

I have pasted some info on the day from Wikipedia below. Interesting piece of trivia - Celebrate Bisexuality Day originated in South Africa :)

"This day is a call for the bisexual community, their friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and all the bisexual people in their lives.

First observed in 1999 at the International Lesbian and Gay Association Conference in Johannesburg South Africa, Celebrate Bisexuality Day is the brainchild of three bisexual rights activists: Wendy Curry of Maine, Michael Page of Florida, and Gigi Raven Wilbur of Texas.

Wilbur said, 'Ever since the Stonewall rebellion, the gay and lesbian community has grown in strength and visibility. The bisexual community also has grown in strength but in many ways we are still invisible. I too have been conditioned by society to automatically label a couple walking hand in hand as either straight or gay, depending upon the perceived gender of each person.'

This celebration of bisexuality in particular, as opposed to general LGBT events, was conceived as a response to the prejudice and marginalization of bisexual people by some in both the straight and greater LGBT communities.

Wendy Curry said: 'We were sitting around at one of the annual bi conventions, venting and someone – I think it was Gigi – said we should have a party. We all loved the great bisexual, Freddie Mercury. His birthday was in September, so why not Sept? We wanted a weekend day to ensure the most people would do something. Gigi's birthday was Sept 23rd. It fell on a weekend day, so, poof! We had a day.'"

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