Pi Day pie potluck

  • Private Residence (RSVP for address)

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"Let's celebrate 3.14.16, Pi Day, with pie! How about pizza pie for dinner and fruit etc pie for dessert? Other creative "pie" ideas welcome, for food, games, discussion, ATTIRE, etc. Details to be ironed out/to follow.

I think 3 dessert pies will suffice, full-sized anyway - smaller are welcome - so anyone who can MAKE one is invited to volunteer. Others can bring pizza, drinks, salad (can you work something "pi(e)" into that). Oh yes, we'll need some good vanilla icecream for "a la mode." Whipped cream anyone? :)

GLUTEN FREE?: why not bring a gluten free pizza? (i can tell you where to go!)

I prefer to welcome into my home those i've met at other amBi events, so please keep that in mind. If we haven't met and you're interested, please pm me."