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Positive Models for Healthy Masculinity (member hosted)

  • The Gateway / Portal for Growth & Wellness 10401 Venice Blvd, Suite 202 (Second Floor) Los Angeles, CA USA (map)

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With the #MeToo movement denouncing some of the worst behaviors and aspects of toxic masculinity, Sex Geekdom L.A. recently held a panel on Dating & Consent (

We are now continuing the conversation, aiming to focus on healthy, positive masculinity.

While we agree that talking about the broken and faulty things has its place, we feel it's important to talk about the good, the positive, the whole. We aim to lift up models of masculinity that we embrace, admire, desire.

««« SPEAKERS: »»» <> Hercules Liotard <> Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook <> Paul Shaw <> Heather Brewer, MFT <> Jallen Rix <> Wry, of A Wry Perspective <> Ethan Shattuck (to be confirmed)

««« MODERATOR: »»» <> Cassie Brighter

««« FORMAT: »»» Each speaker will do a 15-20 minute presentation, followed by a quick break before we open it up for a lively Q&A session for the panel.

««« TOPICS: »»» ¤ What Society Tells Us Women Want from Men - and Why It Is Confusing ¤ The Evolved Masculine Empowered Man ¤ Expressing Your True Intent ¤ Masculinity - Literal and Abstract

««« COST: »»» $10 at the door to defray costs. No one turned away for lack of funds.


Hercules Liotard: Learning from the past masculinity and not being a slave to it Expressing your true intent

-- Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook -- What Society Tells Us Women Want from Men - and Why It Is Confusing.

-- Paul Shaw -- The Evolved Masculine Empowered Man How to become a man balanced in both masculine and feminine energies and how those energies have nothing to do with gender identity. We as men fight against the extremes of masculinity. Sometimes it feels like we only have two choices. The toxic bad boy who leaves a trail of sexual devastation or the needy nice guy who is always in the friend zone. But there is a third way… a balanced way.

Heather Brewer, MFT Masculinity - Literal and Abstract For some time, "masculine" has referred to the seemingly innate traits of men, and 'feminine" to the seemingly innate traits of women. As we grow aware of gender as a spectrum, it might make the most sense to allow these words to point not to anything gendered, but to a set of traits. How we define them has changed without our conscious awareness, and we're kind of scrambling to keep up. If we make it a mindful and embodied process, we may land in a really cool place in our understanding that will bring forward movement.

Jallen Rix: Gay men and stereotypes of masculinity With our understanding of masculine and feminine in flux, is there anything uniquely masculine anymore? When working with gay men who not only want to feel masculine, but they are also aroused by “the masculine,” Dr. Rix gets an eyeful of stereotypes that can at times be damaging and at other times be celebrated. The big question often is which “masculine characteristics” do you want to draw close to and/or emulate?

Wry: Triangulation: Who are we using to get ahead? Who are we trying to impress? How does this machismo harm everyone involved?

Toxic masculinity celebrates the psychological symptoms of The Dark Triad (Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy). In our relationships, these traits activate The Power Triad (Manipulator/sociopath, Accomplice/Apath, Manipulated/Empath). How do we recognize these traits in ourselves and avoid enabling these behaviors?

Let's strive for a healthier triangle, by being Assertive (I have needs), Caring (I'm listening), and Vulnerable (I'm struggling).

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