Relationship Discussion Group, for the AMBI community who want to have children

  • Rob's House West Hills CA USA

Los Angeles Chapter members RSVP here.

Would you be interested in a, Relationship Discussion Group/Coffee Talk, for people in the Bi Community who want to have children, or already have children? I have found it difficult to connect to like-minded people within the Bi community, but I know through the other BI discussion groups there are many like-minded people out there.

The Idea is: for this recurring discussion group to be held every other month for a year to connect people within AMBI about BI relationships that include having kids; to give people a place to talk about what type of relationship would be their: ideal, or a consideration, ways of meeting/dating to achieve such a relationship. Negotiating what that relationship will be: monogamous two people, monogamous three people, monogamous four people, something negotiated, and even partnered parenting.

The BI community can define for itself what its relationships look like, and does not need to be constrained by the Straight or Gay community; in much of human history group living was the norm, we don’t live in the past we live right now, so what type of relationship do you want? This recurring discussion will be an opportunity to express your ideas. I would be willing to host this discussion group/coffee talk, at my house until it was too large or a better location can be found.