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Discussion group & Potluck

  • Château Chillaxo 2522 Vista Lago Terrace Escondido, CA, 92029 United States (map)

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Potluck and Discussion group, Please arrive between 6 and 7pm so we can be ready to begin by that time. Roommates often sleep early, so quiet hours will need to begin at 10pm. Per usual this is invite only, but you're welcome to bring a supportive friend or two.

Please bring some food dish to share with about 15-20 people. Healthy is good, however people have also taken kindly to all manner of pleasurable indulgences :) Potluck style!

Potential Discussion topics (list growing):

Further defining versus lack of definitions? More terms and labels or less? How do they benefit? How can they hurt?

Effective foundations for single/multiple relationships, what are they and how are they best implemented?

Coming out: Why is it so important? What's the easiest way to do it? When is it appropriate? How can we get support from our peers?

How can Simplifying our lives, getting down to what's truly important help our relationships?

Gratitude: it's role in relationships and how focusing on the positives can/does bring out the best in all of us.

Ridding of ourselves of fear. How??

Meditation, inner silence and what it can do for our entire lives and relationships.

Fundamentals of communication. Speaking from one's experience. What Being impeccable with your word truly means.

How to navigate conflicts, holding space for open discussions. Non-violent-communication and conflict resolution.

How can we learn from obstacles by perceiving them as challenges and accept that we can grow from any experience. Opportunities in disguise. Polyamory as a principal. Detachment and letting go, we are not in control of others.

Love, what it really means. That we want the best for the other person? How do we know what's best for them, over what they do??

Getting poly-consent from new partners. Dealing with New Relationship Energy and bringing someone new into the fold.

True Compersion, what is it?

STI's and sexual health. How are they best avoided and how can we keep everyone's health interests in mind when playing with someone new.

Separation from our partner, what feelings does it bring in us, and how can we navigate them to feel better about the situation we are in?

The Law of attraction. How it works and how we can use it to bring what we want into or lives. Make sure to ask for "Or Better"!

Hierarchical organizations vs equalitarian. How do different poly-styles work for different relationships.

Truly supporting statements. I'm sorry you feel that way vs. I understand why you feel that way, because.. I'm hearing you're feeling this... I can sympathize / empathize.