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Sexual Healing, Life Healing - With Jonti Searll and Courtney Ward

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There is a deep connection between our sexuality and other aspects of our lives. There is a deep connection between our sexuality and our hearts. There is a deep connection between our hearts and every other part of life. It all revolves around the heart.

I’ve started writing the introduction for this Retreat more than a few times. I’ve even watched a few webinars on how to do it. I came home today after a day of incredibly deep and beautiful experiences in my practice. And in a moment saw something so simple. It’s about love, it’s about the heart. It’s about connecting with our hearts and the possibilities that comes from it. In life, in pleasure and in relationship. That’s what I’d like to share with you.

So I’m offering a space for you to do just that, to release some of the things that block that connection, and for you to embody the tools – thus when home – continue the work we have begun.

We’re going to share this in a magical corner of the world. The energies that weave together in Ponto Malongane create this sacred space for us. The ocean, the air, the forest, the beach, the sun, combine in a special way here.

The accommodation and food wrap us in delicious luxury. Time on the ocean, in the water with the dolphins, is life-changing. They touch something deep inside of us.

Courtney’s connection to this world is mystical and beyond description. The Sound Journey that she shares on the Retreat connects us all with something ancient that vibrates through us today.

I’m offering you a world of possibility in a few days. The opportunity to heal and release the patterns of the past that keep us where we are, doing the same things we’ve always done.

We’ll explore what love is, what intimacy is, how we can experience more of these with a shift in perspective.

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