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Sprinkler Dancing Party

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Remember all the refreshing fun you had playing in the sprinkler on a hot summer afternoon? Well, that time is back again!! I'll be hosting my fourth annual bathing suits optional/nudist wet n' wild Sprinkler Dancing Party at "Abo Beach" (in my secluded backyard) in Talent. Sprinklers, squirt guns, soakers, hoses, and playful frolic will be the order of the day. AND, pina coladas will be served in the Pink Flamingo Patio Bar while skin care products will be available in the Vitamin D Lounge.

While I will have snacks and other cool drinks in coolers on hand, everyone is encouraged to bring a bathing suit if you want to, a towel, your preferred skin lotions, light eats, any other drinks you may want, your own favorite water toy, and folding chairs. I have lots of sunny space as well as shaded areas for the sun sensitive.