Overview Tutorial


An Introduction to amBi (How to Open a Chapter)

This short tutorial will introduce you to amBi and tell you how to go about opening a new chapter in your area. Click here to download the tutorial. After reading the overview, if you are still interested in starting a chapter, simply fill out our Application to Open a New amBi Chapter. You'll hear from us shortly thereafter. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Topics Include: * What is amBi? * What is a Chapter & Why should I consider starting one? * A Note on Politics * Individuality, Visibility, & Privacy * "Ok, I want to start a chapter. What exactly will this entail? * Meetup & Facebook * Hosting Meetups & Activities * Recruiting Other Organizers * Organizing Pride Contingents * Planning Presentations * Hosting Public "Tent Pole" Events * Hosting Private Events at Home * Reaching Out to the Public * amBi's Recipe for Success * "How Do I Get Started?"