By starting a chapter in your area, you will be able to effectively build and organize a bi community where you live. As an amBi organizer, you'll be able to post events to our calendar, and you'll have access to many helpful resources. Our staff will be here to help you organize Prides, presentations, parties, meet-ups, and other fun activities for you and your members.

amBi provides the tools needed to build a community successfully and efficiently. Building a bi group from scratch takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, a huge amount of which goes into things such as branding, marketing and social media. amBi frees Organizers from time-consuming distractions so that they can focus on planning events and building community. amBi groups all use consistent branding so that Organizers can focus on what really matters. Your amBi chapter will foster local community, while also making people in your group feel like part of a greater worldwide network of bi groups online.

If this seems like a daunting task, don't worry. One of the major benefits of opening a chapter with amBi is the personal support you will receive from the greater amBi community. We will be here help you get your new chapter on its feet, grow it, and maintain it. During this process, remember that amBi is ultimately about fun and participation. We look forward to welcoming you to our ever growing network of bi social communities!

Benefits to Starting an amBi Chapter in your City:

  • Immediately be part of a larger bi community, with chapters in multiple cities.

  • Have access to the amBi calendar, which helps to attract lots of new members in your area.

  • Your members will be able to join the greater amBi community online, including a private FB group for amBi members in different cities, which is very active.

  • Your chapter will have access to assistance from TEAM amBi, a group with lots of experience growing local bi communities. They will be able to assist you with your own local goals.

  • You'll be able to use the amBi branding and other print resources, saving you time so you can focus on community building.

  • Your chapter will be eligible to apply for material and financial assistance from amBi. amBi offers grants to its chapters to cover the expenses for PRIDE Parades, Festivals, presentations, public outreach, fundraisers, parties, etc.

  • Groups that join amBi find their membership numbers grow quickly, a does attendance to their activities. And most importantly, their local members feel connected to and part of the broader bi community.

How to Open an amBi Chapter Where You Live:

  1. Make sure that there isn't already a chapter in your area.
  2. Read our Overview Tutorial, to familiarize yourself with the process.
  3. Fill out our Application to Open a New amBi Chapter.